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Member Acknowledgement of Awareness of Risks and Responsibilities

I am about to undergo, voluntarily and at my own request, to become a member or renew my membership with Meade Rifle and Pistol Club (“MRPC”), Ft. Meade, Maryland.

I represent that I am a US Citizen of good character with no criminal record. I further represent that I am able to lawfully own and possess firearms and have never been convicted of unlawful violence.

I fully realize that the club activities will involve live fire, that this is an inherently dangerous activity, and that there is thus significant risk of personal injury to myself and/or others associated with this kinds of activities. I realize that such potential dangers include, but are not limited to, accidental and intentional gunshot injuries (self-inflicted or inflicted by others), explosion or bursting of firearms and/or ammunition, ricochet, spatter and/or fragmentation of bullets (during launch and/or after impact), and flying cartridge cases. I realize that some activities to which I am about to be exposed may include: moving and/or negotiating obstacles with a loaded gun in hand, shooting at multiple and/or moving targets, shooting while moving, shooting in poor light, and shooting in close proximity with other club members, without intervening safety barriers. In addition, I realize that there are other risks, including, but not limited to, hyper and hypothermia, emotional and physical stress, personal injury due to physical activity and/or physical contact, hearing loss, and blood/lead contamination. I understand and accept that, while the MRPC staff/range officers will make reasonable efforts to avoid extreme risks, they can neither anticipate, nor control, nor abate every risk to which I will be exposed and thus cannot fully protect me from all dangers, and I therefore fully understand and accept that, no matter what safety procedures are in place, significant risk of accidental injury or death is present at all times and cannot be eliminated.

Further, I understand and accept that efforts have been made to insure the degree of member safety that can be reasonably achieved, consistent with club objectives. However, I also understand and accept that my complete, personal safety CANNOT be, and has NOT been, guaranteed nor promised by the MRPC, their employees, representatives, hosts, guest instructors, associates, nor anyone else.

I understand and accept that neither the MRPC, nor any associates, employees, nor instructors are responsible for the safety or appropriateness of the range facility, the safety and/or proper condition of firearms, ammunition, holsters and other leather gear, eye nor hearing protection, nor other physical property or items of equipment.

I understand and accept that neither the MRPC, nor any associates, employees, or instructors are responsible for any aspect of my handling of firearms nor my use of deadly force after I am finished at the range.

I agree to carefully, fully, and continuously abide by all range rules and regulations, without exception. I also agree to pay close attention to, and immediately abide by, all legitimate range commands and directives. When I am confused with regard to any range rule or command, I will immediately ask for clarification. I understand and accept that the most important range rules are:

  1. ALL guns are ALWAYS loaded.
  2. The wearing of suitable eye and hearing protection is continuously required of everyone on the range.
  3. All participants have a duty to continuously monitor the target and downrange area for unsafe conditions.
  4. No one will allow a weapon under his/her control to point in an unsafe direction.
  5. No one will place his/her finger in contact with the trigger of a firearm until/unless the weapon is in a correct fire position, pointed in the direction of a proper and designated target, permission has been granted to begin firing, the shooter has made the decision to fire, and the downrange area is clear.
  6. No alcoholic beverages nor other intoxicants will be allowed on the range, nor will anyone partake of them during or immediately prior to shooting at the range.

I understand and accept that when, in the opinion of the MRPC range officers, my personal conduct and/or attitude on the range is not compatible with my continued safety or that of other people, I may be required to assume a non-participatory status or may be excused and commanded to terminate my participation altogether and leave the range. I realize that this is often a subjective judgment on the part of the training staff/range officer, but there is no appeal process, and I agree to promptly abide, under those circumstances, by the training staff/range officer’s decisions.

When I have any injury, impairment, or any other physical or mental condition or circumstance which could be or is being aggravated or adversely affected by the physical or mental activity included in this training/practice Program, I will bring it to the attention of the training staff/range officers in a timely manner, so that they and I can take the appropriate protective measures.

When I have any injury, physical impairment, or any other physical or mental condition or circumstance which could make, or is making, my participation in this training/practice Program unduly hazardous to myself or others, I will immediately bring it to the attention of the training staff/range officers and will forthwith suspend my participation in the Program until/unless the situation can be corrected.

I realize that others may not always abide by the range rules and the directives of the range staff, and I thus agree to immediately bring to the attention of the range staff any unsafe condition as soon as I am aware of it or, in crucial cases, loudly call for firing to immediately cease (which may be done at any time by any person, for good cause).

Ultimately, I understand that the responsibility to protect myself is mine alone and that it depends directly upon my own continuing assessment of personal risk. I therefore understand that I am, at all times, free to take whatever protective measures are reasonably necessary, including unilaterally and precipitously terminating my own participation in this Program. I also understand that I am free to decline to participate in any particular exercise or portion of the Program and will not be hindered in the exercise of my wish.

In view of the forgoing, I agree to, and hereby do, indemnify and save harmless the MRPC, its officers, directors, members, host facilities and personnel, agents, attorneys, successors and assigns against any claim, suit, damages, charges or expenses, including attorney’s fees, arising from, or in connection with, my entry upon Ft. Meade property, my use of Ft. Meade facilities, Associated Gun Club (AGC) facilities, and/or my participation in any activity, Program, or competition conducted under the auspices of, or in connection with, the MRPC, AGC, and/or Ft. Meade.

I understand that this Assumption of Risk Statement will not expire by passage of time, and it is deemed to be in effect at all times I enter upon Ft. Meade property, AGC, or facilities or participate in any MRPC Program, competition, or operations under the auspices of, or in connection with, the MRPC, from and after the date this document was executed by me.

Thus, having fully and carefully considered all the risks, my rights and responsibilities, and the risk/benefit balance associated with this type of activity/training,

I personally and knowingly understand and agree to fully abide by the forgoing in its entirety and, in addition, I personally accept and voluntarily assume ALL risks, foreseeable and unforeseeable, and have, notwithstanding, decided to go forward with this training/practice Program.

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