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If you are not receiving emails from the Club, please make sure your dues are paid for the current year before contacting [email protected].


  • Go to the “MEMBERSHIP” link in the top navigation bar then click on the “BECOME OR ADD A MEMBER NOW” button. Both primary and family memberships can be purchased from there. Family memberships can be purchased along with the primary membership or later. Please note, an account is needed to purchase a Primary membership. Account can be created during the checkout process by entering the account username and password. The email address on the billing details is also your username. If an account is already created please login to your account first on the checkout page and then complete the checkout process.

  • Members cannot manually renew his membership, based on your setting it will automatically renew and charge your credit card on file or generate a renewal notice to their email account for the member to pay and process the renewal.

  • Your billing email address that you used while purchasing the membership is your username. If you forgot your username, please contact us.

  • Please use the “Lost your password?” link in the login page to reset your password.

  • Please try another method of payment or call your credit card company/ bank to see why the payment declined.

  • Memberships cannot be renewed early by the members. Memberships will be renewed automatically if auto renewal is turned on. If auto renewal is turned off, the system will create a renewal order and notify the members via email. Members can login to their account and pay for the renewal order manually to renew the order.