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Civilian Marksmanship Program

Civilian Marksmanship Program SealThe Civilian Marksmanship Program (CPM), previously conducted under the Director of Civilian Marksmanship, came about as a result of Union officers observations during the Civil War. These officers noted the overall poor marksmanship skills exhibited by the American soldier. After the war ended, the officers formed an association to promote marksmanship that became the nexus of what is now the National Rifle Association.

Around the turn of the 20th century, Congress created the Director of Civilian Marksmanship within the Department of the Army to foster interest in marksmanship so that in times of war at least some U.S. civilians would have skills in the use of arms. Today, Junior shooting programs are the keystone of this intent.

The CMP makes available surplus rifles, parts, and ammunition to civilians and gun clubs to encourage marksmanship. The Junior CMP programs evolved from these promotions as young participants are most likely to join the Armed Forces should war arise again. Pistols were dropped from the program years ago due to the efforts of the anti-gunners in our society, even though almost none of the CMP/DCM arms ended up in criminal use. Please refer to the CMP’s web site for up-to-date information at

Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore

Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore SealMembership in Meade Rifle and Pistol Club also qualifies you for membership in the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore (AGC). MRPC members may purchase a range badge to use at the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore (AGC) ranges for $160. The AGC ranges are open year-round, from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM, or dusk, during the week, and from 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM, or dusk, on weekends and holidays. The AGC requires new badge holders to take their AGC range orientation course. Located in Marriottsville, MD, the AGC operates a 25 yard pistol range, a 100 yard “every gun” range, a 200 yard high-power rifle range, four trap ranges, and an archery range. Please refer to the AGC’s web site for more information.

Rifle Shooting Badge

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