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Practical Rifle & Pistol

Practical Rifle & PistolOur Practical Rifle and Pistol program has entered its 25th year. We take an “All Events” approach in preparing the rifleman and those with handguns for exerting their skills in the field, rather than the narrow, specialized, repetitious drill of many formal target shooters.

Participants may engage moving and stationary targets at various distances up to 600 yards and include limited target exposures, close quarters snap shooting, precision shooting at 400 and 600 yards, night firing, and self improvement critiques from experienced shooters.

Practical rifle utilizes range nine and range one. Range 9 is a tactical range with 9 firing positions; targets may be setup with timed exposure (example: 3 seconds). Course of fire maybe designed for scoped semi auto rifles with detachable mags. Range 1 is a 600 yard range. 80% of shooting is done at 500 and 600 yards. When conditions permit moving targets are engaged from 300,500 and 600 yards.

Events held on Rifle Ranges 1 and 9 are exempt from the lead-free ammunition requirement, so any ammunition, except tracer rounds, may be used.

Any MRPC member who participates in at least two events will be issued a marksmanship letter for the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), which makes them eligible to purchase CMP rifles and equipment. Just ask the Range officer after your second event.

For more information on these activities, please contact our Chief Range Officer, [email protected], or President, president@mrpc-org.